Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Growing station made from PVC pipe.
Simple fluorescent lamp hangs on top rod.
The growing has officially begun!  Kept warm and cozy under our homemade growing station, the seeds that we started just two weeks ago have already begun to come up and show us some green.  The primary sprouters are flower seeds,  but tomato plants have also shown their heads, even more since these pictures were taken!  With another round of fresh snow dumped on us overnight and continuing to come down today, it sure is nice to come home to a reminder that winter WILL end!

As you can see, we started just a few trays of seeds for now with the intent of starting many more in the coming weeks.  Another round of tomatoes and peppers, as well as all of the other plants that require less start-up time.

Star of the Veld flowers coming up quickly...

The first tomato sprout of the year.

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