Friday, April 13, 2012


Well if you know me, you know that I get amped up about projects and then get too busy to follow through with them.  Like doing a blog.  Or owning chickens :)  Well now that we have several new additions to the family, I thought it would be good to start this up again as a means to track their growth and our experiment.

Before that, however, lets go with an update:
Last year's garden turned out ok.  The tomatoes perished in their late seedling stage, I believe it was a result of their re-used (and not properly cleaned) transition pots.  So that was a lesson learned.  Use new or really clean, bleached pots.  Got it.  So we had to buy tomatoes.  We successfully started a garden at our friends Rana and Hillary's house.  They live just a few blocks from us and have a huge lot with lots of sun time.  It stinks breaking new ground every year though! 

The disappointments
- our corn was ravaged by squirrels (it didn't taste good anyway)
- the tomatoes were only so-so
- Peppers weren't very productive
- Melons didn't turn out very well

The great successes
- Lots of wonderful and colorful beans, 2 varieties.  I still have bags full in the freezer!
- Good early peas
- Tons of soybeans
- Zuchini was amazing
- got a few good Butternut squashes

We were too busy to plant seeds this year, unfortunately, so we'll have to go with store-bought plants this year.  Major bummer.  We'll get back to seeds next year.

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