Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Planting the seeds!

Seed packets from Seed Savers
Let the planting begin!!  That time of year has finally arrived and we can get our hands dirty for the first time this season, WOO!  We decided that March 13 was going to be the day that we would put our first seeds in the dirt, since we're 7-8 weeks away from the last frost. 

The seeds you see here are the majority of what we're going to be growing this year.  We ordered the seeds from Seed Savers Exchange, a non-profit company based in Iowa that specializes in heirloom varieties of seeds.  We are excited to be growing some non-traditional (well, I guess since they're heirloom, they're technically 'traditional') plants this year, some colorful beans, corn and tomatoes that I've never seen before!   Here's the list of what we got:
- Beans (Empress, Dragon's                -  Carrot (Scarlet Nantes)
   Tongue, Provider)                                - Corn (Golden Bantam)
- Soybean (Fiskeby)                                 -  Melon (Minnesota Midget)                   
- Broccoli (Calabrese)                              - Cucumber (Japanese Climbing, True Lemon)
- Lettuce (Bunte Forellenschluss,            - Pea (Amish Snap, Golden Sweet)  
  Winter Density)                                       - Sweet Pepper (Napoleon Sweet, Tequila Sunrise)
- Hot Pepper (Hot Portugal,                 - Spinach (Bloomsdale)   
  Habanero-Mustard)                             - Flowers (Star of the Veld, Bee's Friend)
- Squash (Waltham Butternut,                    - Herbs (Cilantro, Chives, Basil)
  Black Beauty Zucchini)                     
- Tomato (Velvet Red [cherry], John Baer, Tasty Evergreen)

Seed Trays ready for some light!
We decided to plant our tomatoes, peppers and some flowers at this point, but not to start them all at the same time this year.  We planted 2 seeds per pod and will separate them out later when we transplant to larger pots.  We planted about 2/3 of what we'll end up with and will do the rest in about 2 weeks.  The trays will spend their days sunbathing under fluorescent lights (we made some growing stations, more photos to come) and hopefully will take off and be healthy!

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